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So How Do you Know?

I’ve been reflecting on a tale of 2 clients recently and their names have been changed to protect their privacy.  It addresses the question, “How do you know if a Feng Shui consultant is worth it?”

My First Client, Mrs. Oak, hired me to teach her how to find good property to build a house.  When she realized that it was not as simple as it sounded, she hired me to help her find a great spot to build her new home.  We first assessed the Feng Shui of her current home and made needed changes because if the Feng Shui existing in a property owners’s home is not aligned, the chances of us finding a great property is limited.  I then looked at her BaZi chart and saw that she has good land potential and life potential so we got started.

The property we ended up finding was beautiful with a Southwest facing possibility overlooking a gorgeous lake.  She hired an architect who agreed to work within my parameters and we designed a home for her.  Construction started in October 2013 and the home was built over the winter and into the summer (it is a very large home 5000+ square feet).  Issues that arose were handled expertly by her contractors and although home building is stressful, she and her husband got through all of their decision making processes and moved in on a stellar date in July 2014.

Now let’s contrast that with Client 2, we will call her Ms. France.  Ms. France has had a rough 8 years and finally decided to purchase a condo in November of 2013.  She hired a remodeling team as she wanted some updates done and walls re-aligned and bathroom upgrades. This condo is approximately 1000 Square feet.  Ms. France contacted me in September of 2014 as she is still not living in her new space and the contractors have not been treating her well and she’s even had a lien placed on her by a painter due to nonpayment by the contractor.  She has been living in a hotel for nearly 6 months as the updates were supposed to be finished quickly.  While her new condo is not perfect, it has some wonderful Feng Shui attributes and I want to get her in as soon as possible.  She asked if she should pursue legal action against the contractors and after looking at her BaZi chart and Qi Men Dun Jia chart, I determined that she would spend a lot of money and get very little in return as well as the stress and possibility that she would not be taken seriously in her complaints.

Ms. France is moving into her new place on October 1, 2014, nearly a year after she purchased the property.  She is the first to tell me that everything has been hard and relationships have been frustrating.  It is my hope with the Feng Shui layout I gave her that her life will begin to turn around.

Thus is the tale of two clients.  The first hired me from start to finish.  The second hired me after nearly a year of frustration and many thousands of dollars wasted.

So how do you know when a Feng Shui consultant is worth the expense?  I guess it depends on you level of tolerance for road blocks, stress,  and wasting money.

Here’s to perfect life alignment!

Feng Shui Myth

Myth:  Place statues of three-legged toads on the floor inside your house, facing into the room as you enter.

Reality:  More than 70% of Feng Shui is generated by the landforms around your home or office.  A small toad statue, or any statue for that matter, will not compensate for a hill or lake that is connecting to your home improperly!

Things to Think about when hiring a Feng Shui Expert!
The first thing to be concerned about is hiring someone who resonates with you.  Are you comfortable with them?  Turning your home into a Chinese restaurant is not true Feng Shui: hanging crystals, reflective mirrors and chimes in every corner and placing statues, painting the door red along with Fu Dog statues is not considered authentic Feng Shui .

Not every problem can be fixed with a Feng Shui consultation so be sure to find someone who will  be honest with you and not attempt band-aide cures. Be realistic about your Feng Shui goals. If you are not willing to make some of the changes that are suggested, please don’t believe that just because a consultant worked with you, they sprinkled magic powder everywhere that will instantly change your life!  You are responsible for making the changes. Real results come from a client’s hard work.  A good consultant will suggest where that work should be focused.
Talk on the phone, don’t just pick based on price.
You get what you pay for – cheapest is not the best.

Share your expectations to see what services they offer.

How long have you been practicing?
What type of Feng Shui did you study and do you apply?
What degrees and certifications do you have and from where?

*Note to ask what other services they offer because if you get someone who also does space cleansing or BaZi you get more bang for your Feng Shui buck.

A special thanks to Anita Rosenberg for assisting with this blog!