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Amy worked with architects to design this home to be nestled into a wooded lot, tapping the chi from the nearby lake and hills.
Amy worked with architects to design this home to be nestled into a wooded lot, tapping the chi from the nearby lake and hills.

Classical Feng Shui can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Corrective:  To remedy existing problems.
  • Constructive:  To enhance wealth, health, or facilitate certain outcomes.
  • Predictive:  To reveal the past, explain the present, and predict potential future outcomes.

Infinity Life Design’s services are grounded in Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics texts. We continually update our knowledge through educational courses offered through the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics headquartered in Malaysia.

Our Services

Feng Shui Consults

Provides audits of existing homes and business applying the principles of Classical Feng Shui. Each audit is two parts. Part 1 is initial analysis starting with perspective of the landform within a 1 mile radius of the property, and approximately 2 hours on site taking measurements and analyzing the immediate exterior property and the interior of the home or building.  After creating the report and subsequent recommendations, Part 2 is to meet and go over the findings along with proposed changes and activations.

Infinity Life Design also provides guidance and oversight for land and building selection, building and community design, groundbreaking and grand opening events, and the timing of other important life and business decisions.

Included in Every Feng Shui Audit

Insight into your unique, individual life path and personality traits, noting strengths and challenges and ways to work successfully with both. A Destiny report is also a valuable tool for understanding family dynamics and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of employees or business partners. Please inquire about the more in-depth BaZi (Destiny) services.

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Destiny Analysis Reports

Full Reports

Full Reports are typically 15 or more pages packed with insights on character, key concepts to be alert to in life, your strengths in life in regards to health, wealth, career, and relationships as well as guiding principles to maximize or minimize life challenges. This report looks at the upcoming 30 years to help you shape your most successful life. You have the opportunity to ask your detailed, and focused questions. All reports include either a phone consultation or an in-person session to review the information provided in the written report. Questions are allowed for 6 weeks following the phone consultation.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports blend the full report’s information with the specific balance of energetic forces at play in a given time period and provide monthly recommendations on how to maximize the year to your benefit. Annual reports are specific to the year and do not look out beyond to other life milestones. This report covers how to maximize health, wealth, and relationships and whether it is a year to lie low or go hung ho. Your specific questions are answered within the written report. Phone or in-person consultations may be requested for an additional fee.

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Relationship Analysis Reports

Have you ever wondered if you’ve found your perfect mate? This report details the character of two individuals and highlights the hidden attractor factors that create good synergy or lack thereof. Use this report to understand your partner better, open up better communication channels, and figure out how to make your relationship more harmonious. Using birth destiny charts, this report is approximately 4-6 pages long.

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Yearly Date Selection Calendars

Have you ever had a day where you wished you had not gotten out of bed as the day progressed so poorly? What about the day that everything seemed to go your way? It likely had something to do with how you connected energetically to the day. Date selection is used to plan your important life events–such as launching a business or product line, choosing a day to have an important meeting, when to network for your career and when to avoid important events all together.

Yearly Date Selection Calendars are designed to provide day to day recommendations in the form of an easy to use personalized calendar. This calendar will help you decide the best times to make moves and commitments and when it might be more advantageous to stay still and wait.

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 Workshops,  Seminars and Yearly Summit

Yearly Summit

Every year the energy shifts and impacts our lives for the year. The Yearly Summit gives attendees a look at how their personal BaZi chart and the yearly Feng Shui influences will be impacting them!

This Summit is a chance to find out if the year is in your favor or a year to take it slow and easy.


A variety of workshops are held throughout the year and include

  • Beginning Feng Shui
  • Qi Men: the Guardians and Date Selection

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