Earth Dog–More Bark that Bite?

As 2017 begins to wind down, the Fire Rooster has certainly been a year of WOW. From raging fires to battering hurricanes, from Presidential nuttiness to conspiracy theories, Rooster has lived up to its hype.

So what is up with the Earth Dog? Will we see a Pug, a Poodle, a Retriever or a Wolf this year?

As evidenced by the most recent shake-ups in Hollywood with sexual harassment allegations finally being taken seriously by the masses, the 2018 prediction of new faces emerging in entertainment is already being fulfilled. We can expect pollution levels to rise and breathing problems to be more frequent.

So what about the positive…

Get ready for some pretty cool new technology inventions and perhaps even some new cures for illnesses. Because President Trump has such a strong BaZi chart for 2018, the USA looks to be quite strong and competitive in the global economy.

We, as a nation, do need to calm down and keep our emotions in check. If we continue this war-like mindset, we just may bring a war to our world.

The overall advice for you in 2018? Keep your emotions in check. Avoid the drama, and bring your “A”game as there is money to be made this year!

Want to find out how 2018 stacks up for you? Join me at the Earth Dog Summit December 11th inĀ  St Louis Park, Minnesota!