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The world of Chinese Metaphysics has five categories associated with it. These Five Arts are Mountain, Medical, Divination, Destiny, and Physiognomy.  Within these Five Arts, we find such studies as Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Palm Reading, I-Ching, Face Reading, Feng Shui, Date Selection, and BaZi.

Since beginning my studies with Mastery Academy in 2008, I have been exposed to many of the Metaphysical Arts as they overlap and a working knowledge is required to garner stellar results for my clients. I have chosen to specialize in the following  categories while continuing to study and implement new as I become proficient in the other areas:

These three specialties comprise what is often referred to as the Cosmic Trinity.  Each representing 1/3 of our life influences.

Classical Feng Shui as taught by Master Joey Yap at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and practiced by Amy Theisen at Infinity Life Design is an art. The art of Feng Shui described here continues to evolve to meet the needs and conditions of our modern world while remaining anchored in ancient, authentic metaphysical principles. This distinguishes it in certain important ways form other forms of popular “New Age” Feng Shui that are promoted and practiced in the west today. For one thing, after a consultation with Infinity Life Design, your home or office will not resemble a Chinese restaurant!

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (literally translated “wind and water”) is the art of harmonizing the natural energy or Qi (pronounced chi) within a given volume of space, at a given point of time, based also on the particular individual(s) inhabiting the space. The goal is to promote health, happiness, success, and wealth for those residing or working in any particular location.

For Feng Shui advice to be effective, one must understand the forces of water, mountains, and other dominant landscape features as well as the multiple directional influences represented by wind. One not only studies the general cardinal directions of a given building and/or room and its surrounding environmental features, but also the exact degrees on the compass of each.

The Classical Feng Shui practitioner must then consider these influences in conjunction with the destiny or life path defined by the individual’s (or multiple individuals) date and time of birth as understood form the perspective of Chinese Metaphysics.

Taking all of these things into consideration according to proven ancient principles, the Classical Feng Shui practitioner addresses a client’s particular needs.

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What is BaZi or Destiny Analysis?

If Feng Shui is so easy, then everyone should be rich, right? That is the prevailing thought process in many Westerner’s minds. Feng Shui is not all about creating wealth!

Feng Shui can and does heighten and hasten a person’s wealth capacity but if a person’s wealth capacity is limited, then there is not a lot that it can change for this person. However, if a person’s wealth capacity is extensive, then Feng Shui can indeed magnify and help yield greater effects.

So, how do we determine a person’s health, wealth, success, and life capacity?

The answer is to look at what I call the Destiny Chart.

Destiny Analysis uses a BaZi chart, often referred to as the Four Pillars of Destiny or Chinese Astrology.

A Destiny Reading focuses on several areas:

  • Personality/Character
  • Significant Life Challenges
  • Significant Life Opportunities
  • Health
  • Wealth/Career
  • Relationships
  • Yearly Influences

The most useful feature of a Destiny Reading is that is helps us evaluate the potential of a person and how he or she should focus their life choices for greatest success. It is a bit like peering into your personal DNA and finding out the hidden strengths and annoying weaknesses that you harbor.

I believe that every person is special and has talents and strengths unique to them.. I also believe that we are here to do something special and unique…the question that still needs to be answered: What is that something special!

This is where a Destiny or BaZi Reading can help. Just like a box of chocolates comes with a diagram showing where each flavor is located, a BaZi Reading can help explain where certain talents lie or how to overcome certain weaknesses that do not serve the individual’s greater good.

There are two types of Destiny Readings I offer:

  • Full Chart Reading which is approximately 20-25 pages long
  • Yearly Updates which focus on how to best use the current year for maximum success. Is this a year to lay low or a year to go Gung Ho!

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What is Date Selection?

Date Selection predates to the era of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).  Many references to Date Selection describe strategic usage in the areas of military and state matters.  This is not an area exclusive to Chinese Metaphysics as the ancient Greeks, Indians, and even Mayans all developed elaborate calendar systems that helped guide their societies on the timing of events.

In this age where time is extremely valuable, no one wants to do something that is going to end in wasting time.  Date Selection, when used in tandem with BaZi and Feng Shui, assists in getting things done more efficiently and more effectively and more successfully.

Date Selection is the Heavenly Luck aspect of the Cosmic Trinity.  Like the Earth Luck and Human Luck aspects, Heavenly Luck exerts a 33% impact on our lives.

By selecting a good date to start a particular activity, the outcome of that activity can be influenced positively.  By selecting the right date and time, a good date can maximize the configuration of the universe and allow you to engage in your activity at the most beneficial point in time.

Examples of when to use a good date:

  • Propose marriage
  • Wedding Date
  • Launch a New Business
  • Launch a New Product
  • Unveil New technologies
  • Release a Movie/Play
  • Get out of an arrangement
  • Serious Medical Procedures
  • Begin Important Travels
  • Ask for Forgiveness
  • Sign Important Documents
  • Launch a Lawsuit
  • Hold important meetings
  • Move into a new home
  • Move into a new office
  • Grand openings
  • Important celebrations
  • Birth of a Child (Caesarean birth)
  • Facilitate Feng Shui Activations

Does this mean that action should not be taken or plans should not be made unless a good date has been chosen?   Of course not.  In all things, we must practice moderation.  Then again, how many times are you going to launch a new business or form a partnership or file a lawsuit?  If the issue is of great significance, doesn’t it seem intelligent to find an auspicious date to use the power of the universe to help support success?

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