Raving Fans

Amy’s expertise in Feng Shui goes beyond our western ideas of color/placement and superstition. She utilizes studied principals that look at the bigger picture in choosing a home and or design that fits each client’s individual chart. Her practice is unique and far-reaching. Coupled with her innate intuitive skills, Amy offers a service that is unparalleled in helping people to maximize their life’s potential in their homes.

— Real Estate Broker/Owner, Minneapolis, MN

I have been working with Amy for over a year now.   I am a business owner and she has helped me in innumerable ways.   I have worked with her when hiring staff, remodeling my office and now with site selection of a new space.  Her advice has been invaluable and dependable.   She has followed through with everything she said she would do with outstanding integrity.  Her expertise in her profession is obvious.  I would recommend her to anyone.

— Dr. A. M. .Willcockson

You think you know your strengths, but you know they are also sometimes your weaknesses. Amy’s reading of your Destiny Chart will give you clarity about and permission to be who you are. I never thought I needed that, but it has made such a difference. With office oriented towards best energy, I am networking with intention AND freedom of expression.  Results: community building, event creating, grant receiving, and even a new partnership in interior design.  Doing what I love; being rewarded in spirit and cash.

— Romi Slowiak, Interior Designer

Amy conducted our consultation in November of 2008. As far as improvements, my husband and I are getting along better than we have in years. We are working better together and we’ve noticed photo shoots he did early this spring are continuing to produce income for us—something that rarely happened before. I had been searching for a way to refinance our house and I found a great provider and a rate below 5% and then our house appraised $12,000 higher than when we purchased it only 2 years ago—something unheard of in our market. Everything went so smoothly and we’ve improved our credit score! Amy explained which areas of my life I needed to tap into my Human Luck which has helped me understand the area of my personality and now I know what to do about it. Our experience with this house before Amy and after Amy is completely different. Her work is outstanding and we love the results. She supported us throughout the changes and patiently answered all of our questions and even helped us fix something we had done wrong and once it was done correctly, the shift was immediate! We can’t recommend her enough.

— Andy and Scherry Denver, CO

Though I was not advertising or soliciting new clients, more and more people were calling me for consultations in my business…this was shortly after Amy had me change a few things in my office and home to activate my prosperity.

— Susan, Denver, CO

After my Destiny Reading, I had an opportunity come up that I would have let go by the wayside. Instead, it was exactly what Amy said I should be pursuing. I took the chance of moving forward with this new career path and it is startling how easy it has been and how people are already contacting me—and I am not even done with the program yet!

— Gaye, Brooklyn, NY

Amy helped me understand why I am going through the situations in my life right now and it has made it easier to deal with. She also indicated that I would meet a man soon and he would have a child…guess what? That is exactly what has happened and this one could be the one! She told me not to get married for a few more years—I’ll try my best to wait!

— Suzi, Forest Lake, MN

Amy Theisen has been my Feng Shui consultant for several years, and I have nothing but the highest regard for her work. My initial understanding of Feng Shui was that little Buddhas, wind chimes and fountains were to be placed in specific locations to bring luck and prosperity. Amy has slowly opened my eyes to the incredible depth and richness of this centuries-old study, and has enriched my home and my life in the process. Her recommendations have been astute and accurate, and while I have at times been reluctant to rearrange my environment, each time I have followed her instructions, there has been a profound shift in the atmosphere and energy of my home. My husband and I were instructed to switch studios (we each have a room on the second floor that we use for our art-related businesses.) This is absolutely the last thing either of us wanted to do, and yet, I had been unable to do any creative work in my studio in several weeks. Amy didn’t know this. I moved the desk and switched studios, and have done some of the best work of my career since then. This story is just one of many – each of the suggestions Amy has given us has created a shift that somehow has made things work better, or easier, or created a more comfortable space.

— Daphnae, Minneapolis, MN

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