Competitive Edge



  • Foundation for SUCCESS Package: Calendar and Yearly Update
  • 3 Forecasting Questions per year
  • Monthly Focus plan delivered each month
  • Check-in Calls 3x per year
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This package is for that person who wants to have the competitive advantage all year. This package contains:

  • Foundation for SUCCESS: Calendar and Yearly Update
  • 12 Month Focus plan–delivered to your inbox each month
  • Up to 4 Forecasting questions
  • Check-in calls (April, July, October)

Focus Plan: This short report delivered each month will focus you on what activities will be the most successful during that month. It might be sales, or marketing, or building a network, closing deals or taking a holiday. This is invaluable information helping you know how to spend your energy and how to make choices each month to further your success. It is a much better plan that just guessing how to manage your monthly tasks!

Forecasting Questions: Have you ever struggled with wondering what the outcome of a choice might hold for your future or how it might work out? A Forecasting Session will shed light on the outcome of your choices! Based in the Qi Men Dun Jia system, a forecasting session takes what choice you are facing and the question you ask and brings crucial information and strategic advice on the next step..will it be good or a total failure–and then, what steps to take next!

This package is invaluable to designing life success.