Full Destiny Analysis (BaZi Chart Reading)



Packed with information about who you are, your strengths, challenges, and life opportunities, this report highlights how you can make choices to create better success.

Each written report includes analysis of wealth/career, relationships, and health along with the current year’s influences. To get the most out of this consult, I do ask that you provide me with insight into what questions you have about your life.

BaZi Destiny is able to show you paths in your life and what path to take that will bring the success you desire: Health, Wealth, Relationships.

Time is taken to emphasize how to work with the challenging situations that may arise in your life as well as how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This session is all about you and how to live your life in the most connected way possible.

Each report isĀ  more than 30 pages in length.


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