Land or Building Selection



Are you thinking of moving your business or seeking the right property to build your home?  Hire Infinity Life Design to be sure your next location supports your success.  The initial consultation is approximately 60-minutes with an overview  BaZi reading to understand the client and their strengths.  Clients are coached on specific things to look for when seeking property.

Pricing starts at $750 which includes analysis of 3 properties and a final report on the site chosen.  If additional properties are to be assessed, additional fees will be charged at $200 per property.

If you are wishing to purchase bare property, Infinity Life Design is happy to work with your architect to design a building or home that maximizes the area’s success.  We will be on-site to check and recheck the directions and will select all dates associated with contract signing, beginning construction, and moving into the structure.  Landscaping and interior Feng Shui will also be addressed.

If necessary, Infinity Life Design will work with Mastery Academy in Malaysia to consult on your project.

Price quotes are provided depending on the scope of work.  Please use the contact form to begin the quote process for your project.