Yearly Date Selection Calendar


Frustrated with poor-sales meetings and projects that just don’t measure up? It could be the dates you’re choosing to use for these activities. Gain the edge over your competition with this personalized Date Selection Calendar–and always know when the day is supporting you.


Ever have a day when you felt like you should have stayed in bed? Or perhaps a day when everything seemed to fall into place? Wouldn’t it be nice to plan for this type of day?

If you’re looking for a life-planning tool that can help you conenct in with the energy of the day, you’ve found it. This energy calendar uses 4 Metaphysics systems to decipher the daily strength and shows how you can connect in and master every day…or at least plan for those down days without having to suffer ill effects.

Instantly know if the day is good for Wealth, Health or Relationships using the easy to understand icon system.

Know if you have an affinity for the day or if it is one of your clashing days!

Take advantage of special Magic Hours thanks to the integration of Qi Men Dun Jia…These 2 hour blocks of time sprinkled throughout the year can make you unstoppable if used correctly! (which of course I tell you how).

This calendar is a must-have for the entrepreneur who wants to be certain they are in control of their destiny.

Access will be given through an invitation-only access to the Google version as soon as your order is fulfilled.