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Qi Men Dun Jia and the Guardians

As I’ve been working with my clients over the years, I’ve noted that there is a common theme:  We want to be happy.

I was reading on Facebook about a study that showed Americans to be “not-so-happy” as compared to other countries.  Can this be true?  Are we so taken by what we don’t have, that we yearn for it to the point of being unhappy?

I’ve been working with my personal Guardians that are used in the Date Selection Calendar and that I teach about in Gather the Guardians.  When I take the time to “be” with them each day, I am amazed at what they bring into my life.  Now, I am not great at keeping a journal but I have made an effort to write down my asks that I make each day.  My jaw dropped when I re-read some of my early entries! They have provided every one of my asks!

This makes me so dedicated to sharing the power of the Guardians with more people!  I think I may have stumbled onto something so profound that I can’t stop thinking about how to reach those that need to bring happiness into their lives.

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Happy Happy!


Amy Theisen