The Cosmic Trinity


It is said that each individual has 3 types of luck that play a role in the visible and hidden aspects and influences of a lifetime. I like to refer to these three types of luck as the Cosmic Trinity.

The Cosmic Trinity is comprised of:

Earth or Environmental Luck

This is where Feng Shui resides. It encompasses how the land and buildings we live and work in influence success or lack thereof. Location, Location, Location.

Heavenly Luck

This is where Date Selection resides. It is the concept that timing can be everything when it comes to important life events.

Human Luck

This is where your Destiny Chart or BaZi/Chinese Astrology comes in. It explains the who, the what, and the why of personalities and character and the circumstances that are created. This is also where the Law of Attraction resides and where action and reaction can create positive results or negative circumstances.

As humans, we have the ability to influence each sector of the Cosmic Trinity. By knowing each sector of our personal “road map” of life, we can use our Free Will to make choices and change behaviors to better create the life we desire.

Note: The term Luck is used loosely here—it isn’t really luck that creates these forces but for lack of a better English term/translation, we use this word.

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